Authority Map

Authority Maps

Use the drop down lists provided to select the ‘Authority’ you require and to pick the ‘Survey Question’ you are interested in and press‘submit’. The system will generate a map of the chosen Authority which it will colour in bands to reflect the results of the public’s response to the survey question selected. You can hover over different areas of the map to see the range of results and use the control box in the right hand corner to change the reporting level and to print a map.

Please note:

Do not pick any of the questions with an a), b) or c) suffix, or any of the questions regarding contact with the council or demographics, they will not produce a map.

When selecting an option please note that only County Councils should use District or Parish.  

NB Postcode is not an available option but we are not able to remove it from the selection list

It is possible for County Councils to disaggregate the data by Parish but with the caveat that at this level the data is too fragmented to be considered reliable.


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